dilluns, 3 de desembre de 2012


Who's the master of suspense?
Alfred Hitchock

What is the most famous horror film?
It's Psycho.

What type of characters did he often use in horror films?
He used psichopats, sociopaths and serial kilers.

What did he do for the first time with the camera to create more suspense?
He used the subjective camera to reveal a character’s vision.


What is the story of tell-tale heart about?
It's about a buter who gets crazy with the wite eye of his ower and kill him.

Who wrote the tell-tale heart and invented the first macabre stories?
Edgar Allan Poe wrote and inventet it.

What was the first P.H.S?
The murders in the Rue Morgue was the first P.H.S.

When was it first published?
In 1841

What other story types did the author also invent?
Detective stories and science fiction