diumenge, 10 de març de 2013

My World 4

There are two kinds of Satanists, the rationalists and the acids. Marilyn Manson (my world 3) is rationalist and has his own church.
The sins of the rational (wich i'm fan of) are:

  1. Stupidity; the greatest of sins because our society grows with the stupidity. The Satanists must learn to see through the tricks and not be felt stupid.
  2. Self-desire; everything has a price, you can't ask something without giving anything in return.
  3. Accordance; if you don't like something, change it, only fools are satisfied with what they hear.
  4. .... (there are a lot, 56 in total)
The commandments are:
  1. Don't give opinion wich wasn't asked
  2. Don't get into anything that doesn't have to do with you
  3. Don't hurt children or woman
  4. Recognize the power of dark magic, if you don't, it wil not recognize you.
  5. .... (there are also a lot, 78 in total)
the most important date is 13th april; the birthday of Satan

My World 3

Brian Hugh Warner (born January 5, 1969), better known by his stage name Marilyn Manson, is an American rock musician, actor, painter...  His stage name was formed from juxtaposing the names of two American cultural icons, namely actress Marilyn Monroe and multiple murder Charles Manson.
Manson has been ranked in the Top 100 Heavy Metal Vocalists (#44).
He made 12 albums wich 5 are gold and 2 platinum. His last album named Born Villian wasn't very sucsefull and now he's workin in another album.
My favourite album is "Antichrist Superstar" (1996)

My world 2

Slipknot is an American heavy metal band from Des Moines, Iowa Formed in 1995, the group was founded by percussionist Shawn Crahan and bassist Paul Gray.
The group performed their first concert under the name of Meld on 4 december 1995 at a club called Crowbar.
Soon after, Jordison (actual drummer) suggested changing the name of the band for Slipknot. This came from the title of the first song they had composed for the future demo titled "Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat". They began experimenting with their image using grotesque makeup, and finally mascs. Until their style was fully developed, they remained away from the stage.
The group participated in the Ozzfest Festival which took place in March, attracting a large number of new fans. In June 29th, 1999 they released their self-titled album, Slipknot. This became platinum in 2000 and in July 2001 it became one of the 50 heavyes albums all time.
the actual members are: Corey Taylor (singer), Donnie Steele (bassist), James Root and Mick Thomson (guitarrists), Joey Jordinson (drummer), Chris Fhen and Shawn Craham (percusionists) Sid Wilson (DJ) and Craig Jones (sintetitzator)

My world

Here i'm gonna talk about Amsterdam.
Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and it have about 758.198 residents (in 2009)
Amsterdam has got a lot of cultural attractions. One of the most important is the house of Anna Frank.
Another very famous attraction of tourists is the legalization of Cannabis. Everywere in the Netherlands if you go to a coffeshop you can get a sachet of Cannabis.
The red light district is a very popular distric because of the prostitution. In the Netherlands, prostitution is legal and regulated by the city hall.
And don't forget the canals. When were they build? They began at 1613 and ended at 1656. they were build as a militar resource but slowly they began to build houses and became an important neighborhood.

New Year's Resolutions

My 1st objective is to read more, i bought a few books in Catalan and in Spanish so i can read them. I hope i can read them out at the end of this year.

My 2nd objective is to pass Catalan and Spanish and maybe get a 6 for them.

My 3rd objective is to get stronger phisicaly, to train harder and improve my swiming skills.

My 4th and last objective is to stay cool and don't lose my head thinking about my future. Just center on my present and don't worry about my past.


What is the comic relief?
It means a releasing of tension from a comic episode

Why is it often used i horor films?
Whem the film enters in a dramatic moment the character become comical to relief the tension

Do you remember laughing in horror films? Can youthink of an example?
Yes, when we saw the movie "Sleepy Hollow", the character Ichabod Crane falls, or in the movie "Incidious"  the boy dresses like superman or the scientist in this same movie.