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dijous, 18 de setembre de 2014

Scotland votes today.

Today, 18th of september the scottish people can make history
Today they can vote for or against the independence of Scotland.
About 97% of the 4.2 million people who have the right to vote already declared they're going to vote.
Comparing to the european elections in May 2014 where only 42.52% of the voters showed up,
voting for independence seems more important than voting for the european elections.

My question is: why can the scottish people vote for independence but the catalan people not?
No idea; i asked many friends and people around me "why", and no one seemed to know.

I was thinking about the idea of seperating Scotland from the UK and i didn't like that idea.
At that point i began thinking what other people outside Spain would think about separating Catalonïe from Spain.
I thougt i would like independence for Catalonïe but now i see what's going on in Scotland i'm rethinking the idea.

dijous, 24 d’octubre de 2013

Protest song

Ding to fly against the sky
Within our dreams, we all wake up
To kiss the ones who are born to die

We're the greying herds
Hurting each the other with our lives
Within our dreams, we all wake up
To kiss the ones who are born
Born to die, born to die

The drum fish
They beached themselves in hara-kiri
The blackbirds
They fell in thousands form the sky
Their red wings
Streaming down from the higher seas
Deflected by the ground

They crowned the sun
They crowned the sun
But I believe that they are free
When their time was done
They were drownes by the only One
But I believe that they are free
Washed by the sun

Our statues
The soaring edifice of our times
Detracted form the ways of the wise
The future will view all history as crime
So father, tell us when is the time to rise

They crowned the sun
They crowned the sun
But I believe that they are free
When their time was done
Their were drowned by the only one

But I believe that they are free
They crowned the sun
They crowned the sun
But I believe that they are free
And we believe that they are free
Cus' I believe that they are me
Washed by the sun.

The Interview!

Voice Recorder >>

Maybe you can't hear it very well, but down here you have the text. Enjoy!!

-So, good morning everyone, this is radio 15,3 and today we are going to have an interview to Laia Dalmau, one of the best photografers of this time. Hi Laia! -Hi Lukas! -Thank you very musch to com here t our studio. - Oh.. I'm glad to behere with you in tyour studio. -Well Laia, you are on the first page of all the magazines thanks to your photos. How does it feel? - It's absolutely amazing and unbelievable becaus I passed to an ordinary photographer to a on of the best one so, I'm very proud of me for the work I''m doing. -You have to be proud because your photos let me without words. When fif you start taking photos? -My granfather was cleaning the garage and he askes me to help him. I was carring a box and it fells me down on the floor. when I revised the box, for be shure that everything was OK, I found an old camera. I startes taking photos and that's when I started. -You began with an old camera but when did your photos became famous? -Well, I was young and I thought it was just a hobby eventhoug I keept all my photos. One day I showed them to my family and to my friends and they were such amazed of my talent that they convince myself to join in a concourse. I did, but I didn't won, though I had the second place! That was my motivation of taking the photographer career. -Laia I have to tell you that I'm a real fan of you. I follow you in Twuitter, in Facebook, on Instagram and above all your blog. - Thank you very much Lukas, I'm glad to hear that. - The last question Laia, with your earlier eighteen years old, What's your idea for the fifth album? -I was thinking about... a report of all the north countries, you know... the coldnes, the snow... What do you think? -It's a grate idea, brilliant! We have to let it here. Maybe next day you can come and tell us more about you. .Sure! I'll be here! -Fantastic.Thank you very much Laia and thanks to all people are listening us in Radio 15.3 . Have a nice day and keep listening because we don't move! Here's some music for you!

dissabte, 8 de juny de 2013

My world

Hello, hi, wellcome, good evning or morning, watever, here, in this post, i'm going to (i' not allowed to say gonna) talk about what i'm going to do this summer, better said, two weeks of this summer:

I'm going to go to a Waterpolo Summer Camp, -what's that?!- well, it's a summer camp in Malta or in Malaga (i'm going to Malaga) where you can have english classes and waterpolo classes by hungarian olimpic waterpolo players. There come waterpolo player all around the world, including Amerika (North) an Russia.

There is a list of the programming of the two weeks, i think, but there is no image, just this web page to see it, if you like:

if you want more information, just click on the next link and watch it there, i have no idea what i can tell you now:

divendres, 7 de juny de 2013


Syria: UN launches largest appeal in its history with HALF the country needing aid
The UN has issued the largest humanitarian appeal in history for Syria. Syria needs £3.2 billion this year more than the double of money for Iraq in 2003. They need the money because they are involved in a civil war. This war has lastet 26 months and more of 90.000 victims.

My argument is that 1- If you can't win a war by your self, than shut up and lose. 2- north-afrikans, are jummpers. -Why?- Well, i'll give you an example: 

  • People live in poornes = Revolution
  • The DEMOCRATIC goverment want to close a park = Revolution
  • A dog poop on the street = Revolution
Well, maybe it isn't allways so, but if you pay attention, i'm sure you will think like me, or not?

My world

Hey, today i'm going to talk about my self, just because i love it... don't worry, i'm going to talk about my first "Caiacló".  -Waht the hell is a "caiacló"?!- well, it's just like a triatlon, but changing the swimming part for  a caiac. So it is 1-Caiac 2-Cycling 3-Running

I went to the second caiacló of Sant Pere Pescador. It was a small caiacló but enougth to make me tired for an hour. It consisted by 3Km with the caiac, 12Km cycling and 2'5Km running. The caiacs were for two persons so we had to ake teams. There were about 50 teams, 100 people total. I made a team with a friend of my called Luna Bonal. She can  cycle very good and fast, faster as me, but at the part of running she couldn't follow me.

Well, i'll begin by the caiacing: We had to go with caiac to the start-line, that means 3Km go and 3Km back. by the start-line we began all at once and we ended the 3km at place 14. Then we had to pick our cycles and do the 12 Km througt the forest and beach, there were about 2Km were we couldn't cycle because of the sand os the beach, so that was anoying. We finished at the 12th place. Then the heaviest part was the last; running. When we began she was already very tired ande that made me go very slow, so slow that we ended 17th. May be it isn't a bad place, but go from 12th to 17th, for me it's pity. 

The best part was that we ended second as a mixed team, so we won a trophy:

dijous, 6 de juny de 2013

My World

Hello again, yes, this will be the last music post of this school year, now i will talk about Limp Bizkit. Well, i think it is the name of the band, but maybe it's the name of the singer, lets see:

Limp Bizkit is an American nu metal band formed in 1994. The original lineup is consisted by Fred Durst (vocal), Wes Borland (guitars), Sam Rivers (bass), John Otto (drums) and DJ Lethal (turntables, samples and programming).

Limp Bizkit's music has predominately been described as nu metal and rap metal.
Durst wanted to make Limp Bizkit a "megaband" which could interpret into as many different styles of music as possible.Their work is marked by Durst's abrasive, angry lyrics.

Their music is noted for its "kinetic, frenzied energy". Otto is adept in drumming in a variety of styles ranging from "Brazilian" and "Afro-Cuban" music to "bebop" and "funk". Borland's guitar playing is "experimental" and "nontraditional", and he is noted for his creative use of six and seven-string guitarsBorland is also known by performing in costumes and body paint during concerts, appearing in bunny and kung fu suits, and painted as a skeleton and what he describes as a "burnt match"

Limp Bizkit has been nominated and won lots awards. Limp Bizkit has been nominated for 3 Grammy Awards including Best Hard Rock Performance ("Nookie"), Best Rock Album (Significant Other), and Best Hard Rock Performance ("Take A Look Around"). It has also been nominated for 3 American Music Awards for Favorite Alternative Artist winning one of them in 2002. In 1999, the band won the Maximum Vision Award at the Billboard Music Video Awards for their music video "Nookie". They won a lot of other awards, but i won't put them all...

My favourite song is Gold Cobra, but it's not able to see it under the 16 years; you will se why: