divendres, 7 de juny de 2013


Syria: UN launches largest appeal in its history with HALF the country needing aid
The UN has issued the largest humanitarian appeal in history for Syria. Syria needs £3.2 billion this year more than the double of money for Iraq in 2003. They need the money because they are involved in a civil war. This war has lastet 26 months and more of 90.000 victims.

My argument is that 1- If you can't win a war by your self, than shut up and lose. 2- north-afrikans, are jummpers. -Why?- Well, i'll give you an example: 

  • People live in poornes = Revolution
  • The DEMOCRATIC goverment want to close a park = Revolution
  • A dog poop on the street = Revolution
Well, maybe it isn't allways so, but if you pay attention, i'm sure you will think like me, or not?

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