dissabte, 8 de juny de 2013

My world

Hello, hi, wellcome, good evning or morning, watever, here, in this post, i'm going to (i' not allowed to say gonna) talk about what i'm going to do this summer, better said, two weeks of this summer:

I'm going to go to a Waterpolo Summer Camp, -what's that?!- well, it's a summer camp in Malta or in Malaga (i'm going to Malaga) where you can have english classes and waterpolo classes by hungarian olimpic waterpolo players. There come waterpolo player all around the world, including Amerika (North) an Russia.

There is a list of the programming of the two weeks, i think, but there is no image, just this web page to see it, if you like: http://www.hwpsc.com/en-spain/the_camp/timetable

if you want more information, just click on the next link and watch it there, i have no idea what i can tell you now: http://www.hwpsc.com/en-spain/the_camp

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