divendres, 7 de juny de 2013

My world

Hey, today i'm going to talk about my self, just because i love it... don't worry, i'm going to talk about my first "Caiacló".  -Waht the hell is a "caiacló"?!- well, it's just like a triatlon, but changing the swimming part for  a caiac. So it is 1-Caiac 2-Cycling 3-Running

I went to the second caiacló of Sant Pere Pescador. It was a small caiacló but enougth to make me tired for an hour. It consisted by 3Km with the caiac, 12Km cycling and 2'5Km running. The caiacs were for two persons so we had to ake teams. There were about 50 teams, 100 people total. I made a team with a friend of my called Luna Bonal. She can  cycle very good and fast, faster as me, but at the part of running she couldn't follow me.

Well, i'll begin by the caiacing: We had to go with caiac to the start-line, that means 3Km go and 3Km back. by the start-line we began all at once and we ended the 3km at place 14. Then we had to pick our cycles and do the 12 Km througt the forest and beach, there were about 2Km were we couldn't cycle because of the sand os the beach, so that was anoying. We finished at the 12th place. Then the heaviest part was the last; running. When we began she was already very tired ande that made me go very slow, so slow that we ended 17th. May be it isn't a bad place, but go from 12th to 17th, for me it's pity. 

The best part was that we ended second as a mixed team, so we won a trophy:

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  1. Thats not very nice, Lukas, Luna did a great job 6km. in a caiac with you.......

  2. HI, LUCAS!
    great to hear about Caiacló, didn't have a clue what it was!
    12th or 17th is a great job, and the trophy speaks for that.... You are really competitive (in sport, that is.... ;) ) so I hope you will win many other trophies in life...
    lots of luck