dijous, 18 de setembre de 2014

Scotland votes today.


Today, 18th of september the scottish people can make history
Today they can vote for or against the independence of Scotland.
About 97% of the 4.2 million people who have the right to vote already declared they're going to vote.
Comparing to the european elections in May 2014 where only 42.52% of the voters showed up,
voting for independence seems more important than voting for the european elections.

My question is: why can the scottish people vote for independence but the catalan people not?
No idea; i asked many friends and people around me "why", and no one seemed to know.

I was thinking about the idea of seperating Scotland from the UK and i didn't like that idea.
At that point i began thinking what other people outside Spain would think about separating Catalonïe from Spain.
I thougt i would like independence for Catalonïe but now i see what's going on in Scotland i'm rethinking the idea.

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